Follow up

I have a mental illness. From consuming weed for those years. I have major depression & anxiety. I also get paranoid about germs/what people think of me/my health. I think sometimes I make things worse for myself. The best thing that has ever happened is meeting my lovely Becci. She definitely has taken my unwell self and made me well. I had long quit the weed. But recovering from heavy usage takes the brain a while. Years in fact. I have been in and out of work. Fired for having a mental illness (CBA) and more recently as in last year my mother doused herself in gasoline and set herself alight. I haven’t walked easy street. But I try to keep my head up and wits about me. I have a family to care for an my grandparents who helped raise me quite a bit. Well a lot.

2 thoughts on “Follow up”

  1. Your testimony was very inspiring. Go on like this I thank you.
    I have the same symptoms and diagnosis, they were inborn, I wasn’t helped. About the weed I didn’t you used it but I could. It was not your fault, forget that and focus on what you are doing, which is a lot!!
    P.S. Forgive my English

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