Organisations, counsellors, psychologists, and other services you may find of us. We’re organising the links by country and type of service, however you will find that apart from specific local services, much of the information is very useful regardless of where you are based!



Counselling & Psychology Services

A word on counselling vs psychology in Australia. While both do very similar good work, their background and approach is different. A quick and rough explanation of the difference could be that a counsellor approaches the conversation from a practical perspective, whereas a psychologist has a medical background. A psychiatrist is a bit different again, in that they have a psychology background but are also allowed to prescribe medication. A psychologist would work together with your GP and you would usually get a referral from your GP in the context of a “Mental Health Plan” which is part-covered by Medicare. Medicare does not at this point cover counselling. Of course you can contact any practitioner directly. You decide what’s right for you. The important thing if you reckon you might need some extra help is to, in addition to support of family and friends, talk to a professional.

We list some people here whom we reckon are good. Note that it’s still a personal thing, a counsellor or psychologist that is brilliant for someone may not be the right person for someone else.




If you would like to have your links or recommendation added here, please email l i f e (at) b l u e h a c k e r s (dot) o r g. We would like to have specific confirmation from the people we list as well, so be sure to provide contact details (preferably email) for your recommendation as well. Thanks!

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