Here are our logos and banners in various formats, so you can use them on your own site (please make them link to https://bluehackers.org). This will help to increase our Google juice, and again show fellow geeks that they are not alone.

Note: ok we stuffed up a bit here, the url font may not be quite right and in the SVG the text should be converted to curves. The intended font is Monospace. We need sleep right now, so if you want to play please check and adjust where necessary. It’s not that critical. Thanks!

JPG/PNG for web use

Base SVGs (Inkscape)

These are provided to make it easier to create more artwork for the web use. If you create anything new, please submit it here!

The colour is something close to PMS 285.  We’ll also do CMYK artwork for shwag, we’re currently discussing with some people to get good deals. Want to make sure that we get as many items as possible with a large distribution, and minimal overhead where all the profits are put back directly towards BlueHackers’ goals.

To accomplish these goals, note that the logo is copyrighted so you can’t just run off and do your own shirt or whatever – sorry! If you have a good idea, please contribute here so it can be taken on board and benefit everybody. Thanks!


Keith Packard created the original glider SVG design we used as a basis for our logo. The glider of course comes from Conway’s Game of Life, which was adopted as a hacker emblem.

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