The Right Lazy

You know how you sometimes feel lazy, plus guilty about same?

But when you think about it, I reckon some “lazy” is more than ok… why not optimise some things for convenience, saving time/energy for other things? That’s worthwhile. Example:

  • I bake my own bread because it tastes better, my daughter loves it, it doesn’t contain any nasty additives, and as a nice sideline it actually works out much cheaper with more nutrition.
  • I use a breadmaker, because I really can’t be stuffed doing all the kneading. Happily lazy there.
  • I don’t use bread mix, because putting ingredients in the bread pan takes only a few minutes anyway.┬áThe biggest effort is actually cleaning the bread pan afterward so no difference there. I big jars with a few types of flour, a box with various seeds and grains and such that I add to some breads, linseed in the fridge, and dried yeast in the freezer. Easy-as.