CEO’s disease – manic depression and entrepreneurship

In an article that dates back to the 1990’s the link was made between CEO’s, particularly CEO’s in emerging industries and technologies and manic depression. [1]  You would be surprised how many very successful CEO’s battle with this every day.  From my own father, an entrepreneur of the 1980’s and 1990’s, who has now fallen out of the game after a business failure, to my peers in Business SA’s Young Entrepreneurship Scheme that I participated in last year.  The evidence that this link exists seems to be constantly re-affirmed in my daily experiences.

Even this last week, I was exposed to the idea again, not through my work as a consultant but, instead though the amazing TED and TEDx presentations that I have taken to watching in my downtime.  Maybe this one that discusses manic depression in relation to ADHD, childhood experiences and entrepreneurship may interest you? [2]  Grab a refreshment and make yourself 22 minutes to enjoy this segment.

[1] Elsberry, Richard B. (1998) “”Bipolar disorder”: Why are they calling it the “CEO’s disease”?” Accessed: 19 Jun, 2010.

[2] Herold, Cameron (2010) “Raising Kids to be Entrepreneurs”

One thought on “CEO’s disease – manic depression and entrepreneurship”

  1. thanks for posting this. I actually searched ‘CEOs disease’ in google after watching the TED talk. It is encouraging to know that many aspiring and already successful people are going through the same. I have a suspected case of ADD but it doesnt bother me and I havent been to the doctors and probably wont. I have struggled at school and now university, and the lack of focus is really only getting worse.

    Its an Ambition of mine to own my own company and I will certainly try my best to realise it.
    Thanks for posting again
    All the best

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