MASH & Hawkeye

Yea, as in the classic TV show with Alan Alda. Of course there’s reruns (again) and I’ve let my MythTV box record some. My favourite characters have always been Hawkeye and Col.Potter. Smart, funny, cynical, way with words.

Col.Potter was in WWI and WWII before Korea where MASH is situated, he’s seen it all before… but Hawkeye, he’s really just like that as a coping mechanism, isn’t he. I used to think he was cool, but with a bit more maturity I see that his attitude has to be seen in the context of the situation and definitely not as a general example of how to be.

Obvious, perhaps, but at the time a lesson for me anyhow. I too have used cynicism (and sarcasm) as a copying mechanism, particularly when I’m tired, stressed, sick, or (even worse!) any combination thereof. I try to catch myself now and consciously work to not behave like an ass in those situations. Hawkeye gets away with it, but I live in the real world…

One thought on “MASH & Hawkeye”

  1. War is a place where you need to cope in whatever way you can. I think MASH is probably a pretty good example of what that war was really like and his sense of humor was most likely not that uncommon.

    Indeed, where we are is different and calls for a different situation.

    For me, when I get over tired I’m a huge ass hole with a short temper. Two nights ago I had the whole buzzing brain issue and couldn’t stop it. I went ~30hr w/o sleep and it really does kill the temper. Crashed hard too…. I need a new job whenever I can find one.

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