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On inclusiveness – diversity

Ashe Dryden writes about Dissent Unheard Of – noting “Perhaps the scariest part of speaking out is seeing the subtle insinuation of consequence and veiled threats by those you speak against.”

From my reading of what goes on, much of it is not even very subtle, or veiled. Death and rape threats. Just astonishingly foul. This is not how human beings should treat each other, ever. I have the greatest respect for Ashe, and her courage in speaking out and not being deterred. Rock on Ashe!

The reason I write about it here on BlueHackers.org is that I think there is a fair overlap between issues of harassment and other nasties and depression, and it will affect individuals, companies, conferences and other organisations alike. So it’s important to call it out and actually deal with it, not regard it as someone else’s problem.

Our social and work place environments need to be inclusive for all, it’s as simple as that. Inclusiveness is key to achieving diversity, and diverse environments are the most creative and innovative. If a group is not diverse, you’re missing out in many ways, personally as well as commercially.

Please read Ashe’s thoughtful analysis of what causes people and places to often not be inclusive – such understanding is a good step towards effecting change. Is there something you can do personally to improve matters in an organisation? Please tell about your thoughts, actions and experiences. Let’s talk about this!

To This Day project

tothisdayproject.com – addressing violence and bullying in schools, through a poem by Shane Koyczan.

Here’s one of the visualisations, with Shane’s spoken word:

but Texas Chainsaw 3D gets props for at least positing the questions
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There’s Never a Justification for Bullying

I posted a reference on G+ to an article about a Michigan anti-bullying law (named after a boy who committed suicide) where republicans effectively provide a loophole if the abuse happens on the basis of “genuine moral or religious conviction”. The text is:

“This section does not prohibit a statement of a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction of a school employee, school volunteer, pupil, or a pupil and parent or guardian.”

One comment approached the issue by questioning the definition of bullying and tying their position to their religious beliefs, and that’s prompted me to post this blog entry. I reckon the definition of bullying is fairly clear and simple. I phrase it something like this:

Bullying is ongoing psychological, verbal and physical abuse against a person and their environment and property.

I didn’t look that up anywhere, it’s just loosely based on my own experience. I think this sums it up concisely, but feel free to comment with improvements!

Even if you don’t agree with people being gay, or atheist, or you reckon reds look funny, or whatever, I’d urge anyone to think long and hard before being in favour of laws like the Michigan one – you’re as different as the next person, and one day you’ll become the victim yourself.

Unlikely? Let’s look forward a bit: considering the current Christian fundamentalist extremism in the US, I consider it quite likely that at some point there’ll be a backlash and Christians will find themselves persecuted – let’s please have laws in place that protect them then as well as other people now. So even on a purely selfish level, you don’t want to gamble on this.

Someone’s right to expression and beliefs have nothing to do with it. We simply don’t want people (kids or adults!) persecuted in their school, work, sport, home or social environment whether they’re black, gay, use a wheelchair, wear glasses, have red hair, are socially awkward, believe in a god or faeries, or in fact happen to not believe in something someone else does believe in.

What’s the point of being different if we can’t live together?